Mornington Peninsula Landscape Photography Workshops

Welcome to  Mornington Peninsula landscape photography workshops. I have a deep love of photography and have been a photographer all my life and a professional photographer for the last 16 years. I have set up these workshops to share my knowledge on the art of photography. The aim of all the workshops is for you to have fun and create some wonderful imagery whilst learning how to craft better photographs.

Workshop  numbers are kept low only 3 people at anyone time, this ensures that you get plenty of one on one time with me and that you are then able to get the full benefit of my knowledge

Workshops run for 2 hours

Workshops are typically scheduled on an afternoon/evening over a weekend depending on the weather forecast.


For the love of landscapes

I have a deep affinity with the Mornington Peninsula and its landscapes, I have lived in and photographed  the Mornington Peninsula for the last 29 years

I have seen it grow and change over that time, still the Mornington Peninsula offers a wide range of landscapes to be photographed.The ever changing moody beauty of our coastline,rolling rural landscapes,jetties and piers of Port Philip Bay and Western Port, vineyards, pine forests, native bush reserves.

Topics of conversation will include

  • How to set up your camera
  • Camera modes
  • Raw v JPG shooting
  • Composition Techiques
  • Depth of field
  • Lighting
  • ISO ratings and how it impacts on your images
  • The relationship between aperture and shutter speed
  • Lenses and their characteristics

How does it work?

I will take groups limited to three people to  spectacular locations and teach you the skills you require to take beautiful landscape photographs. Workshops run for 2 hours

What do I get?

  •  First and foremost stunning images,
  •  A fun-filled workshop with memories and images that will last a lifetime
  •  Knowledge, a greater technical understanding of what goes into making great landscape photographs
  •  A packaged USB stick with course notes from the evening

Julia Cull
Yesterday I was working under the following conditions- less than ideal camera (understatement), struggle with batteries, forgotten camera shoe that attaches to my tripod, rain and inexperience +++. And yet I took 88 shots, only one of which was out of focus. Of the 88, there are 18 that I short listed as not too bad for a novice and ones I actually liked. I understood what a camera can do and how the light creates different moods in the picture. I really appreciated your advice and the opportunity to go out with a few people as I probably wouldn't have been as motivated on my own.

Julia Cull
Melanie Pittock
My Niece & I had a 2 hour photography workshop with Daryl Gordon last week. Having the right camera and equipment but really, not knowing how to use and get the best results, always showed in my pictures. Daryl's passion for photography has shown me a new experience, for my camera and the outdoors. Here are just a few photos that I've taken with my new found passion. The beach shots were taken at the Light House at Cape Schank. Pittock's Paddock was the setting for the sun set shots. Not fantastic, but I'm well on my way to perfecting the perfect picture.
Thank you Daryl Gordon the workshop was fantastic. If stars were to be given. You'd be getting a 5 from me. Thanks again

Melanie Pittock
Sally Watson

Daryl's guided landscape photography workshop is the perfect gift idea for those who are interested in understanding their cameras better. Daryl is patient and no question is too silly. He really knows the peninsula and its beauty. With the landscape and Daryl's knowledge you will thoroughly enjoy  experimenting and getting your camera out of auto mode and into artistic mode. Thank you Daryl Gordon for a fabulous experience.

Sally Watson