Case Studies

Belgravia Events

Daryl Gordon Photography was contacted by Belgravia Events because the event operator wanted a photographer to provide professional photography to record and promote an official opening that the company was staging.

Daryl Gordon Photography was called at short notice, just the Tuesday before the weekend event was scheduled. Organisers said they knew it was short notice, but it was an important occasion for them because they were contracted to manage the opening of Somerville Recreation Centre on the Mornington Peninsula.

The burning question was, given the short notice could Daryl Gordon Photography supply a professional photographer to cover this occasion?After an extensive conversation with Georgia, the marketing co-ordinator for Belgravia Events, it was decided that Daryl Gordon Photography could organise a professional photographer to cover the event.




Daryl Gordon Photography was contacted by Sealite, a marine aids to navigation manufacturer based in Somerville. Sealite’s Adam phoned Daryl Gordon Photography asking about the possibility of having members of the company’s board professionally photographed.
“Daryl, we want you to be at our headquarters when the board next meets because we are keen to have a folio of photos that will ensure a consistent look across all our marketing,” Adam said.

Compleat angler

The Brief

The Biz Photography was contacted by graphic designer Tony Papadopoulos who needed a professional photographer on the Mornington Peninsula. Tony  needed  photograph a range of stock for his client Complete Angler who was putting together a print brochure.

We had an extensive conversation over the phone about the types of photos that Tony required, he communicated that he needed high resolution images photographed on a plain white background. This is a fairly typical request from most of our clients.


Family milestones

Family  Event Photography

Daryl Gordon Photography was contacted by a client whose family was coming together to celebrate their fathers 80th birthday. Daryl  we have family coming from all over Australia to celebrate our fathers 80th we thought it would be a great opportunity to get a professional photographer in to get some family shots. Is this  something that you could help us organise and photograph?

beel electrical

Beel Electrical
Recently Daryl Gordon Photography was contacted by Beel Electrical who were looking for a professional photographer to photograph their staff.
“Daryl we are a family owned and run business we would like the photographs to portray the fact that we are a family run business living and working on the Mornington Peninsula. We would like to use a couple of the photographs to send out as Christmas cards to our existing customers, we would also like to get some staff shots as well

Family Photography gift vouchers

Family Photography Gift Vouchers

Family photography gift vouchers are a great gift idea. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! It’s an opportunity to get the family together and to have them professionally photographed either in the studio or on location in a fun filled relaxed manner, thus bringing out the character of the individual and family as a whole.

In this case Karen decided to use her family photography gift voucher over Christmas holidays when all of the family members had come home. That’s the great thing about our gift vouchers, they are valid for 12  months from the date of purchase.

Karen and I liaised about a week out from the shoot to confirm the location, day and the time of the shoot, we are very flexible regarding arranging shoots especially outdoor shoots. (I could mention the Melbourne weather but I wont).


studio headshots

In Studio Professional Headshot Photography

Daryl Gordon Photography is often contacted by business owners who are looking to have professional headshot photographs, both clients over the last couple of days were looking for a crisp white background.

Over the past several months we have been renovating our 19 year old studio. It’s been a lot of hard work however the results have been out standing. We now have a brand new modern studio with all the facilities that you need. All the clients that have been through our studio have been blown away by the look and feel, it brings out a lot of positive, happy energy with all our clients. 


On location Family Photography

With all of its beautiful beaches and parks, the Mornington Peninsula offers a wide range of spectacular  locations for Professional Family Photography.

I have lived on the Mornington Peninsula for over 30 years and have been professionally photographing families around its beaches and parks for the last 19 years.

Here’s a case study of a family who I recently photographed at Sea Winds.


Personal Branding Photography

Personal Brand Photography

I have done literally hundreds and hundreds of professional headshots both on location and in our photography studio in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula. It’s one of my key products that I offer. So what’s the difference?


coloured back ground

I’ve photographed hundreds and hundred of professional headshots over the years both in my photography studio in Balnarring and out on location.

I reckon over 90% of professional headshots are photographed on a crisp white background.

Thats perfectly fine, it works well.

I get it, let’s keep it simple let’s keep it classic, let’s keep it business, let’s keep it corporate.

However how about a bit of colour?


Ever Photographed a Rocket?

Over the years I have been contracted for a lot of professional product photography.

Product comes in all shapes and sizes you name it I’ve probably had an opportunity to photograph it.

This time I had the opportunity to professionally photograph a rocket!

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Recently I had an enquiry from Wild Mugs if I could take professional product photographs that they could use on Amazon?

Back In Motion Balnarring

Recently we were hired to produce consistent professional headshots for Back In Motion Balnarring
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go to grow

Recently I had an enquiry from Go To Grow for professional photography for personal branding and marketing collateral this is a case study from the shoot

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