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I’ve had a passion for photographing people all my life well since I was 8 years old when I took my first camera away on a school trip.Since then I’ve been documenting people maybe it’s my way of catching time. This page is is a cross section of people I have photographed for various art projects that I have produced over the past ten years.


For client convenience we have a fully-equipped studio in Balnarring, on theMornington Peninsula, offering multiple background options. Also, we have thecapacity to create studio conditions at your workplace.

Daryl Gordon Photography specialises in retail photography for online andprinted catalogues, and marketing image requirements.Our professional photographers use a colour calibrated workflow to deliverproduct images that adhere to guidelines for image colour and quality.Basically, we have software and hardware that accurately reads the light,allowing us to create the desired image every time.

All images pass through our post production system, making it a certainty thateach product is accurately portrayed. Retouching is as seamless and undetectable as possible. Our aim is to be convincing at a minimum of 200 percent magnification. Product blemishes, ‘expiryʼ and ‘best beforeʼ dates areedited for maximum quality. We provide all of our clients with print ready highresolution files and low resolution email/web sized files.Product images taken by Daryl Gordon Photography can be supplied usingemail or secure, web-based file exchange


You have spent valuable time getting the colour and look of your products justright. In return, we will use a colour calibrated workflow system to ensure yourproducts and brand colours are accurately reproduced.Colour can be one of your greatest allies in the creative process. Even morethan colour itself, the assurance that your colour balance looks as good aspossible, is accurate from capture to export, and is consistent from screen toscreen is paramount when sharing your vision with others. To achieve thiscontrol over colour, a colour calibration process like ours is a necessity.If you are thinking, “whatʼs the point if I canʼt control the monitor in someoneelseʼs operation,” just remember—if your images start off looking their best, itis likely they will hold up better than something that is graded too light or toodark.For well staged and accurate product photography call Daryl, Daryl GordonPhotography 0412 131 492


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