Family photography is about creating memories: capturing images that tell the stories of your family, the relationships, the interactions, and the love.You know yourself how certain music, scents, and photos bring milestone events rushing back. Events like marriage, births, celebrations and holidays.

I love having the opportunity to help create your memories by capturing natural photographs of family life that are beautiful, spontaneous and emotive.
This is why I am so passionate about photographing individuals and families in their sacred spaces. Over the years I’ve photographed people in parks, at the beach, in studios, in backyards, in churches, in cars and in family homes.

Some of the most memorable images have been captured in family homes. After all, it’s where families hang out, it’s where the stories unfold, it’s where the love is shared.
So where is your sacred space?



*Designed for beginners

*Small class size’s 5 people maximum

* Spectacular locations


We have a deep affinity with the Mornington Peninsula and its landscapes, having lived in and photographed this beautiful region for the past 30 years

For us landscape photography is an exploration of your personal connection with the landscape. It’s never just about making pretty pictures, but responding to a moment or feeling: By giving you the technical and compositional knowledge, you too will be able to take control of your camera to create the types of images that resonate deeply with you.

Think about the importance you place on putting a face to a name … or a voice. Everybody feels the same.
Why do newspapers and magazines invariably publish a photo of people they write about? It’s human nature to want to see images of the people we are reading about or dealing with.



Content Creators it’s the new buzz word in the Marketing World we have been providing Photographs(Content) for business on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and the South East Suburbs for the last 19 years our team of professional photographers can provide the highest quality professional photographs for your business requirements

– Professional Headshot Photography

– Professional Product Photography

– Professional Event Photography


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