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Daryl Gordon

Photographer – Artist

I’m a family man with 3 wonderful children and a wonderful wife living in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria Australia. I have always had a passion for photography, surfing and skating.

I love creating memories for myself and my family by creating photographs that are beautiful, natural and emotive.

Where it all began(I blame my parents)

I often get asked “Daryl How long have you been a photographer” All my life is the short answer, well since I was 8 and I was given my first camera by mum and dad when I was going on a school excursion.

I fell in love with the medium instantly. I still have those grainy photos of our school trip out to Tamworth in NSW Australia. It takes me back to that alien rural landscape that was so completely different to to my coastal life.

Over the past 40+ years I’ve documented my life’s journey, the different faces that move in and out of ones life and I’m still continuing with that today. I’m forever grateful to my parents for buying me that first little instamatic camera

Along life’s journey I found work as a full time photographer working for a local paper, photographing all manner of things from people to cars to houses, you name it, I reckon I’ve photographed it. During this time I started Daryl Gordon Photography as I was often asked whether I did any family photography.

I love photographing families, I love capturing the joy, the love, the personality, the connections and the stories within families. A single photograph triggers memories from the past, just like a piece of music can trigger past memories. That’s my passion creating life long memories for families.

During my life time I’ve had the good fortune to meet and photograph a host of wonderful families and individuals. Photography has been and still is the one of my greatest passions, I just love it.

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