Mornington Peninsula Portrait Photographer me and my

Me and My…

This series is simply a portrait of a person with an inanimate item, that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

I’m always looking for new subjects to photograph for this project. Involvement in this project is of course free of charge. Interested? then shoot me an email and we can organise a time and place…. Daryl




Barb Rimington

Me and…

My gorgeous op-shopped basket: perfect for the weekly trip to the Library. Books keep me entertained, informed, sane in stressful times and help counter insomnia. The ribbons represent the Give (green)


Terry Jackson

Me and My Jacket

This “Jacket” is a part of me.

It is actually a surf teams uniform the “Suicide Savages and the East Coast Board Club”

I first started surfing Torquay Shore-break on an inflatable plank if we were lucky some older crew would lone us an old hollow wooden board for 15- 30 minutes. In 1960 I moved to Edithvale and when the wind hammered onshore we would surf the shore break.
In 1961-2 A good mate Barry got his license and we were able to get down to the East Coast and started surfing all of the spots the coast had to offer, there were no made roads


Karen LIpsett

Me and My Childrens Book

I have always enjoyed reading children’s books. I have been reading to little people younger than myself, my sisters, cousins, family friends, my students & of course my own children from the time I was just 5 years old. There are photos of me doing just this.

The beauty & simplicity in sharing a story….


Angela Squair

Me and My Painted Egg

This is a memento of an eggstraordinary year.

2005 was one in which I lost and gained everything.

I brought the kids down to Balnarring Beach for Easter weekend and it was pure joy. There was a koala in our gum tree, watching us unpack the car before we ran out onto the beach to fossick for treasure and dress up in strands of kelp.

I’d blown some hen eggs which we decorated. This was….


Mandy Nelson

Me and my Back Pack

What is it about Mary Poppins? Not only is she completely capable, and sings like a bird, she’s also mysterious. That carpet bag of hers had Tardis tech going on, and perhaps the yellow back pack is my version.
Anything could be in this back pack.
And it could go anywhere.
It’s full of potential…….


Funmilola Anike Omidiora

Me and My Kitchen Utensils.
I could not showcase original spoons as I have moved across the world from Nigeria. Ever since I was a little girl and was introduced to my first kitchen tool by my mother, I have created some beautiful dishes I have met some wonderful people over meals.Food is a connector…….


Fran Henke

Me and My Sussex Trug
Sussex Trug is a practical basket woven for gardeners since the 1500s. Thought to have originated in Sussex on account of the abundance of chestnut coppice and willows, the ‘common or garden Trug’ holds up to a bushel in volume. The “trog” from which its name came, was a wooden vessel hewn from solid timber in the shape of the round coracle boat that the Anglo Saxons used for their daily business. They were heavy,


Marty Williams

Me and My Guitar
My earliest memories of playing a gig was when I was 10 years old growing up in the beautiful Fiji Islands. This first gig involved taking a cardboard cut-out of an electric guitar and a tiny toy drum kit (+ accomplice) around to classes in the local primary school!!!
My dream was well within grasp 😉


Darren "Hacky" Hack

Me and my Rupes Polisher
I started polishing surfboard’s in the early 80’s, working with Peter White making surfboard’s at the Balin factory in Rosebud.
It’s awesome to see the surfboard polished at the end of the manufacturing process, especially with….


Tim Stout

Me and My Guitar

Me and My Music, I couldn’t decide whether to have drumsticks or guitar for this photoshoot to me

they’re all the same , it’s my music .The music that’s in my head. Guitar and drums are the conduits…


Kate Hermiston

Me and My World Globe

Deciding to keep this world globe safe from the age of 12 years old
didn’t seem significant at the time. Now as an adult reflecting on its
journey and its importance to me; it has become priceless.

The globe once belonged to my Pa, Mike Gray who gave it to his son,
my dad, Byron Gray at a very young age. The globe would be…


Demmi Nordennen

Me and My Microphone

Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by vocalists. The power they wield through their voices,the joy they can spread through song. This inspired me to sing.

It was challenging at times….


Mick Gibson

Me and My my Drums

I am lucky to have grown up in a home filled with music.
Mum and dad were always entertaining with friends playing cool music and dancing.
Dad had a kick arse sound system and mum was always bringing home ace records and ep’s.

It was the magic year of 1982……


Steve Friedman

Me and My my Skil Power Planer.
She has been with me for over 50 years and traveled from Hawaii to Australia in 1980. She cuts clean and true.
I work with her building…


Melissa Woolley Poll

Me and my speed skates.

Skating was my passion as a teenager. Spending most Saturdays at Caribbean Rollerama, I knew early on that I needed to save to buy my own skates, instead of the ugly, uncomfortable brown ones. From the moment


Pat Mcgeoch

Me and My Shaping Bay

After my my first attempt at shaping in my carport with no lighting I knew I had to build myself a functional shaping bay.

The first one I built was pretty basic, but after….


Terry Mulcahy

Me and My Cricket Balls

My dad was a very good cricketer [fast bowler ] and whilst playing for the Preston Soccer Club in the Jika League in 1942 he took a hat trick. The ball was mounted and took pride of place on the mantlepiece in the lounge room….


Toby Mulcahy

Me and My Owners Badge

Toby ( written in conjunction with his Dad } I love living in Balnarring because everybody is kind to me and talks to me especially when I buy my paper of a morning and pick up my hot chocolate…….


David Gibson

Me and My Bass Guitar

From a young age I’ve always had a guitar lying around, in my teens my brother and I started making a racket, Mick belted the hell out of the drums and I strangled the guitar.

The first song we learnt was Wild Thing by the Troggs then came Born to be Wild by Steppin Wolf.

We’d jam with our mates; drums and a few guitars…….


Murray Turner

Me and My Telescope

Look up on clear night and the wonders of the universe quietly whisper …


Russ Stanley

Me and My Tattoo Gun

An old school coil tattoo machine, gifted to me by my mentor, teacher and best mate at the very start of my apprenticeship. This machine used to scare me to death, in tattooing terms it is a beast.


Rick Boland

Me and My Pen

The Pen is indeed mightier than the Sword.
Where it cuts, it brings truth.

Like every sword needs a good name,so does a good pen.

Mine is called Sonnet…
And it hangs constantly at my side in all creative pursuits……


Luke Buckley

Me and My Guitar

I borrowed and started mucking around with a friend’s guitar when I was about 13.

I got my first guitar on my 14th birthday, I didn’t have any lessons apart from some friends who could play

and they showed me some simple chords.

Through the school years I would play around and…


Jeff Fortuyn

This my favourite flanno. Came back from Townsville 12 years ago with no long sleeves . Went to the Island for a surf and my tribe bought me this shirt for my birthday . 11years on…


Kerry Fortuyn

Funny how a stolen random coffee cup can become a daily go to. It’s 10 years since I nicked this from my old job in Queensland.

The morning coffee ritual….Well it’s always this cup.


David Hayes

This series is simply a portrait of a person with an item, that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

My, is an old tatty rugby shirt!

It’s one of the oldest pieces of clothing I have and although it’s a bit worse for wear it holds within its fabric the memories of a time in my life where everything changed.

When I look at the shirt I get taken back to a time when I was young full of confidence, super fit and a dreamer.

I was a printer, every Thursday one newspaper would have listed jobs within the printing trade. This is where I came across a printing job for a company in Bermuda.

So I threw my hat in the ring…….




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