Evening Meditations

Evening Meditation’s

Evening Meditations is a project that is ongoing and has been running for around for around 12 months or so. I have always been involved with the ocean I was born near it, surfed and fished in it and worked on it during my time way back in the Royal Australian Navy.

This project has its genesis when as a family we took some time away to cruise up the Australian coastline leading up to Christmas Holidays. It was a wonderful break, I found myself during the evening out photographing the beach where we were staying. It was just such a wonderful thing to be able to do, to round out the day to stand and photograph the changing light from day to night, There’s a peace to be found there even on the busiest beaches amongst the throng on the Gold Coast peace and quiet, stillness can be found if you just pause and take it in.

After the holidays I found myself in the habit of going out in the evening and shooting beaches, so living on the Mornington Peninsula I am lucky enough to be able to go out most evenings and experience and capture that peace and quiet that is to be found between day and night, for me it has become a nightly meditation-Daryl Gordon   

Fine Art Photography Prints of The Mornington Peninsula
Flinders 31st July 2023 @5:56:25 pm

This weeks photos from Evening Meditations from the spectacular evening of the 19th July 2023
Thanks for following and checking out this series –Daryl Gordon


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