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Peninsula People was an Exhibition that I had run by the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery back in 2016. below is the description run by the regional gallery.

Daryl Gordon is a photographer from Balnarring who has been working on his Peninsula People project for over a decade. This is the first time this selection of portraits he photographed from 2003-2015 has been displayed on the Peninsula. The series began when he was meeting and photographing people for the local newspaper. He works in the documentary, editorial-style of photography, capturing a moment in time with a person in their own setting. Like a portrait painter, Gordon draws out the personality of his sitter, by photographing them in a familiar environment. The exhibition includes Gus and Lou, local music legends in Balnarring, musician James Reyne with his guitar, local kindergarten teacher Karen Anderson, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, journalist Mike Morris and our very own MPRG Director Jane Alexander. These are the faces of the Mornington Peninsula.


This series concentrates on a sport that I love skate boarding to be a little more precise skating bowls.

I’ve skated all my life starting in the early 70’s in Ballina skating at that time to say the least was primitive at best the only smooth concrete was around service stations the only bank was at a drop of spot for rubbish there were however quite a few hill to which myself and several friends lost a lot of skin.

During the eighties when skating really exploded I was serving in the Royal Australian Navy so totally missed the massive progression in boards and parks I did however have the unique experience of skating on the after flight deck of HMAS Tobruk which almost lead to my demise one night of the coast of Tonga in a big ground swell.

After the Navy I got into skating longboards around the streets and hills of the Mornington Peninsula, it wasn’t till I met a close friend who at the time was recovering from a knee reconstruction who eventually introduced me to skating bowls, this was a sport I’d always want to have a go at being a surfer there was an obvious connection between carving a wave and carving a bowl.


Evening Meditations

Evening Meditations

Evening Meditations is a project that is ongoing and has been running for around for around 12 months or so. I have always been involved with the ocean I was born near it, surfed and fished in it and worked on it during my time way back in the Royal Australian Navy.
This project has its genesis when as a family we took some time away to cruise up the Australian coastline leading up to Christmas Holidays. It was a wonderful break, I found myself during the evening out photographing the beach where we were staying. It was just such a wonderful thing to be able to do, to round out the day to stand and photograph the changing light from day to night, There’s a peace to be found there even on the busiest beaches amongst the throng on the Gold Coast peace and quiet, stillness can be found if you just pause and take it in.


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