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Daryl Gordon Photography was contacted by Belgravia Events because the event operator wanted a photographer to provide professional photography to record and promote an official opening that the company was staging.

Daryl Gordon Photography was called at short notice, just the Tuesday before the weekend event was scheduled. Organisers said they knew it was short notice, but it was an important occasion for them because they were contracted to manage the opening of Somerville Recreation Centre on the Mornington Peninsula.

The burning question was at such short notice could Daryl Gordon Photography supply a professional photographer to cover this occasion?After an extensive conversation with Georgia, the marketing co-ordinator for Belgravia Events, it was decided that Daryl Gordon Photography could organise a professional photographer to cover the event.

Professional Photography on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photography on the Mornington Peninsula

The unusual aspect about this project was that while the event ran for about five hours, a professional photographer was required for only two stages, firstly for some sporting club activities and then the offical opening later in the day. It was decided to supply a professional photographer for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, thus reducing the costs Belgravia may have faced.

Daryl Gordon Photography has the flexibility to accommodate such requests because it has a number of professional photographers based on the Mornington Peninsula.

The rapid delivery of finished photographs was also a critical part of Daryl Gordon Photography’s brief because Belgravia Events was responsible for delivering photographs to Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and local media organisations in order to meet various deadlines


Our professional photographer arrived 15 minutes before the allotted time to introduce himself to Georgia and run through the list of required photos. All of our professional photographers have many years experience photographing community events, so they have the skills to liaise, organise and be in the right spot to capture all of the action.

And because lighting can be tricky at artificially lit indoor events, a professional photographer with experience and expertise has no problem producing first class images.

They know how to take control of the environment using the latest high-end camera and lenses to capture fantastic, engaging photographs.The first hour was completed without a hitch and our photographer left the centre, planning  to return at 1pm for the official opening.

We know events can have fluid time lines and this event was no exception. Circumstances change and the official opening suddenly rescheduled 45minutes earlier. Panic stations! Not at all.

A quick phone call was made to Daryl Gordon Photography’s professional photographer asking whether he could return to the venue immediately. Luckily the photographer was only 10 minutes away and organisers were able to delay the offical opening just a few minutes until our photographer was back on site.


Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula


Post Production

As mentioned in the brief, Daryl Gordon Photography had a tight deadline on this job. We began post production a couple of hours after the shoot, paying particular attention to:

:Basic Editing. At events our professional photographers will take a lot of photographs, especially if there’s sports action. Part of our job in post production is to work through all of these and delete the images that either don’t quite work or are too similar to other images. No one needs an overwhelming number of images to sort through, so we take care of that for you.

:Individual exposure adjustments. Shooting indoor sport always has its challenges with light and shadows and digital noise. This means that during post production we take the time and make the effort to balance out exposures by lighting shadow and dimming down highlights and minimising digital noise.

:Cropping. Images can be cropped creatively to add extra impact. With our trained eye we will select images and perform creative cropping, delivering extra image so that our clients have lots of choices.

:Colour Balance. Mixed lighting sources like metal halide globes, white natural light and strip lighting can all create chaos in terms of how images look, especially on skin tones. We must get the colours correct. Daryl Gordon Photography has a colour-calibrated system that takes the guesswork out of it. We remove colour casts so that the images look natural with a minimum of variation.

Professional Photography on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula


Daryl Gordon Photography was able to electronically deliver finished images to our client via drop box within 48 hours of the initial shoot.

This was all included in our initial price, not an unpleasant extra. If you need photos delivered to tight deadlines, then just let us know from the start and this can all be planned.

All images are kept on our drop box account free of charge for 12 months. This makes it easy to share image files with third parties or provides added security in case your back-up fails.

More information and pricing for Event Photography  can be found HERE

When arranging your next event, call Daryl Gordon Photography. We take the hassle out of photography and supply first class images that capture all the important moments.

Daryl Gordon Photography is ready to supply you with professional photographers who will produce the high quality images you can use for promotion and to showcase your event-organising skills to your next potential client.-Daryl Gordon

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