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Think about the importance you place on putting a face to a name … or a voice.Everybody feels the same. Why do newspapers and magazines invariably publish a photo of people they write about? Itʼs human nature to want to see images of the people we are reading about or dealing with. However, increasingly we are connected online to people weʼve never me face to face.

Often we havenʼt even heard them speak. Ask yourself about basic trust. Do you feel more comfortable dealing with people whose face youʼve seen or voice youʼve heard? If we want to attract customers, we must allow them to get to know us. We must share with them more than just our name. You donʼt display your photo as part of your social media and online profiles because of how good looking you are; you want others to relate to you on a more human level.

That is an essential part of developing and deepening your relationships. The essence of social media is engagement, informative conversations and trust. When it comes to choosing your photo, it should be a close-up shot or head shot.




For client convenience we have a fully-equipped studio in Balnarring, on the Mornington Peninsula, offering multiple background options. Also, we have the capacity to create studio conditions at your workplace.

Daryl Gordon Photography specialises in retail photography for online and printed catalogues, and marketing image requirements.Our professional photographers use a colour calibrated workflow to deliver product images that adhere to guidelines for image colour and quality.Basically, we have software and hardware that accurately reads the light, allowing us to create the desired image every time.

All images pass through our post production system, making it a certainty that each product is accurately portrayed. Retouching is as seamless and undetectable as possible. Our aim is to be convincing at a minimum of 200 percent magnification. Product blemishes are edited for maximum quality. We provide all of our clients with print ready high resolution files and low resolution email/web sized files.Product images taken by Daryl Gordon Photography are supplied via Drop Box or Google Drive and archived by us free of charge for 12 months



Professional Event Photography

Youʼre planning a business event or function to get closer to your clients. Your expertise will be on show and some dignitaries and industry experts will be on hand. Impressive and expensive, but you think you can save by getting one of the staff to take some pictures.
Probably a mistake on several levels. Will your clients look like startled ghosts because the lighting is wrong? Will these clients thank you for posting less-than-flattering photos?

Itʼs unlikely these photos will add class and credibility to your website and social media platforms? Will the money you spend on staging an event to showcase your business be reflected in pictures taken by an amateur? Budget a few hundred more at the outset and get the whole show professionally photographed. The event itself is only the beginning of the exercise to increase the profile of your business.

With professional images of yourselves, the dignitaries and your clients, this event will continue to promote your business online and in social media long into the future. Just a thought: what an introduction it would be for your sales team members when they present clients with professional photos of themselves taken at the event.

Our photographers have backgrounds in newspaper, magazine and professional photography. For almost two decades we have been on the ground covering events as they unfold.


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