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Family photography isn’t just about nice photos, using nice lighting or backgrounds. Family Photography is about telling the stories that are happening in the family, the relationships, the interactions, the love.

I have been a photographer all my life and working professionally for the last 15 years. My passion is photographing people, I’m a portrait photographer it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I love producing exceptional, individual, artistic pieces that tell us something about the person or persons being photographed.

That’s why I am photographing people and families in their sacred spaces.

If I have a style it’s the type of shots that you would see in glossy lifestyle magazines.

This should come as no surprise as I spent 10 years working full time in the news paper industry I bring all this experience to you my client who isn’t just looking for a “another family portrait”

So where is your sacred space?

Is it the

Family home?

The place you go and socialise with you kids?

Do you have a regular routine spot where you spend a lot of time together with your family.

Over the years I’ve photographed people in parks,at the beach, in studios, in backyards, in churches, in cars and in family homes. Some of the most beautiful fulfilling images have been photographed in family homes after all it’s where families hang out, It’s where the stories unfold, it’s where the love is shared.

I’m sure you are not looking for “another family portrait”

Give me a call or send me an email to see when I can fit you in to start telling your family story

Daryl Gordon

0412 131 492

Family Photography Mornington


You have spent valuable time getting the colour and look of your products justright. In return, we will use a colour calibrated workflow system to ensure yourproducts and brand colours are accurately reproduced.Colour can be one of your greatest allies in the creative process. Even morethan colour itself, the assurance that your colour balance looks as good aspossible, is accurate from capture to export, and is consistent from screen toscreen is paramount when sharing your vision with others. To achieve thiscontrol over colour, a colour calibration process like ours is a necessity.If you are thinking, “whatʼs the point if I canʼt control the monitor in someoneelseʼs operation,” just remember—if your images start off looking their best, itis likely they will hold up better than something that is graded too light or toodark.For well staged and accurate product photography call Daryl, Daryl GordonPhotography 0412 131 492


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