In Studio Headshot Photography

In Studio Headshot Photography

Daryl Gordon Photography is often contacted by business owners who are looking to have professional headshot photographs, both clients over the last couple of days were looking for a crisp white background

Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula
Studio Set up for crisp white backgrounds

We have been renovating our 20 year old studio. It’s been a lot of hard work however the results have been out standing. We now have a brand new modern studio with all the facilities that you need. All the clients that have been through our studio have been blown away by the look and feel, it brings out a lot of positive, happy energy with all our clients. 

Professional Photography on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula


Two different business, the same goal. “Daryl we’d like professional headshots on a white background, we need them for our about page, linkedin profiles and email signatures.” The key thing to getting a great headshot is to connect with our clients, get them to relax and to have fun, to just be themselves, this is something that I’ve been doing for 20 years. Standing in front of a camera and studio lighting could be an intimidating process however I have a way with my clients so that they forget about the lighting and the camera. The end results come across in the finished photos. The new studio space seems to have an energy all of it’s own, All of my clients who have been through the new space seem to be energised and ready to go as soon as I turn on the lights, so I owe a shout out to my wife Yvette who came up with the design and project managed the whole renovation. Great Job 🙂

Post production

As a  professional photographer I always take multiple shots, I encourage my clients to bring a change of clothing to help create different styles for their professional headshots. This provides our clients with a large range of images to choose from. Typically, we would shoot images where the client has a big smile, and then a more relaxed, business-like look. This way the images may be used across a range of marketing platforms. Our clients always end up with natural looking, professional head shots. The exposure is always tweaked to make sure the viewer’s eye goes to the face. Any small blemishes are removed, and skin tones subtlety softened. Any dust or fluff can be removed from suits and jackets in post production. This is the level of detail that you’ll get from Daryl Gordon Photography.


Professional Photography on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photography on the Mornington Peninsula
Professional Photographers on the Mornington Peninsula



Photographs are delivered via drop box or Google Drive within a week of the shoot.

Image files are separated into both high resolution print ready files, and low resolution email/web ready files.

This is standard practice with all client’s files because it removes any stress and simplifies matters. Clients instantly know from which folder to access images, depending on their marketing needs.
Images uploaded to drop box or Google Drive are easily downloaded to a desktop and can be shared with other team members who may require them

Back up

All images are kept on our drop box or Google Drive account free of charge for 12 months. This makes it easy to share image files with third parties and provides added security in case your back-up fails.

For more information about our headshot photography packages click  HERE

In conclusion

Professional Studio Headshot Photography is a lot of fun, it’s like a little outing, something that brings a bit of razzamatazz, it takes you out of your workplace and into a image creating environment where everything is possible.

In this case my client were looking for crisp white backgrounds

Have you thought about different colours, Black, Corporate Grey,  Sky Blue, Lemonade Yellow, Pastel Pink?

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