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This series is simply a portrait of a person with an item that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

me and my portrait project
Karen with her book "The Giving Tree"

Karen Lipsett  and her book “The Giving Tree”

Me and My Childrens Book

I have always enjoyed reading children’s books. I have been reading to little people younger than myself, my sisters, cousins, family friends, my students & of course my own children from the time I was just 5 years old. There are photos of me doing just this.

The beauty & simplicity in sharing a story with a child or a group of children is so pure. Perhaps you are seeking to connect with & calm them. Perhaps you are seeking to bring rambunctious joy! And sometimes … You are seeking to impart wisdom.

This story was always a favourite in the decade of my primary teaching years. But it’s message is somewhat contentious now. The Giving Tree is about being entirely selfless & giving to others till you no longer can. Whilst it is still a beautiful story, it opens the discussion about giving, but taking care of oneself as an equally important life skill too.

Karen Lipsett


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