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This series is simply a portrait of a person with an item that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

me and my portrait project
Kate with her World Globe

Kate Hermiston with her World Globe

Deciding to keep this world globe safe from the age of 12 years old
didn’t seem significant at the time. Now as an adult reflecting on its
journey and its importance to me; it has become priceless.

The globe once belonged to my Pa, Mike Gray who gave it to his son,
my dad, Byron Gray at a very young age. The globe would be
approximately 60 – 70 years old.

When my dad passed away 35 years ago it was soul crushing and it
changed my life forever. Somehow, even as a heart broken 12 year old,
I knew I had the keep that wobbly old thing. It has a certain beauty, with
its antique gold trimming, teak base and beautiful green and blue hues
showing the amazing world to explore.

As political borders changed and the world has become so different my dad’s globe has remained the
same; in a beautiful state as are my memories.
When I look at the globe it’s very thought provoking. It makes me feel
like my dad is still close but also reminds me that …
You have the whole world in your hands!

Kate Hermiston


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