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This series is simply a portrait of a person with an item that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

me and my portrait project
Mandy with her Back Pack

Mandy Nelson with her Back Pack

Me and my Back Pack

What is it about Mary Poppins? Not only is she completely capable, and sings like a bird, she’s also mysterious. That carpet bag of hers had Tardis tech going on, and perhaps the yellow back pack is my version.
Anything could be in this back pack.
And it could go anywhere.
It’s full of potential, and most of the tricks I could possibly need along the way. And I’m pretty sure there’s a bit of room left if I needed to squeeze in a snack or two for the journey. Like road carrots.
I like that it’s hands free (in a non mobile device way). My hands are free (for making, holding, waving)… and that’s handy.
It carries invisible stuff. Like it’s story (I found it while wandering, bought it for my daughter, but liked it so much that I kept it).
I like that it’s a warm earthy ochre yellow. It has a sunny disposition. Which is welcome in a traveling companion.

It’s an invitation to adventure.
A reminder to grab some stuff and get out there.
Gotta go!

Mandy Nelson


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