Rick Boland

Me and My Pen

Rick Boland

This series is simply a portrait of a person with an item that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

Me and My Portrait project
Rick Boland with his pen

“The Pen is indeed mightier than the Sword.
Where it cuts, it brings truth.

Like every sword needs a good name,so does a good pen.

Mine is called Sonnet…
And it hangs constantly at my side in all creative pursuits.

It was a gift from my wife one anniversary along with a leather journal sleeve with my initials lettered in gold.

It has been used in most of the important writings across my adult life.

A foray into poetry.
The draft of my first e-book.
The building blocks of my youth mentoring business.
And reflections in my current path into Druidry.

Rick Boland


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