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Me and My…

This series is simply a portrait of a person with an item that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

Daryl Gordon Me and My Portrait Project
Susie Lawrence

Susie Lawrence with her Clay

Me and My Clay

Some people love clay and some not so much.

I fell in love with clay over 40 years ago and it has taken me on a journey ever since.

It began as something to try and I got hooked and have continued. It now has turned into a home based business.

I love the tactile sensations of clay and how you can shape it into whatever form you desire.

To me clay is a meditative experience, as I work with clay I move from the restless inner state that we can all get to a more balanced, calm place within.

Working with clay brings you into the moment as you slow down and come into a quiet focused space to create.

I often find that clay and life interact with each other, when feeling out of sorts I go to the studio and play with clay. After a few minutes I am back feeling grounded and in my body not my head.

Clay has taught me to be patient and to surrender to the process of creating plus to life. And that you cannot rush your pieces as that is where you make a mistake.

I now look at clay/pottery very differently to when I began, it is now more to me about connecting to my own spirituality and connection to Mother Earth, self and spirit

Clay can teach us so many things if we only surrender and open to the process.

I am part of the clay as the clay is part of me and together we keep on creating. Isn’t that what life is about creation.

“The pot is the potter and the potter is the pot”

So let’s all keep creating whether it be with clay or some other form that brings you joy and soothes your soul.

Susie Lawrence


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