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Me and My…

This series is simply a portrait of a person with an item that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

me and my portrait project
Terry Jackson and his Jacket

Terry Jackson and his Jacket

Me and My Jacket

This “Jacket”  is a part of me. 

It is actually a surf teams uniform the “Suicide Savages and the East Coast Board Club” 

I first started surfing Torquay Shore-break on an inflatable plank if we were lucky some older crew would lone us an old hollow wooden board for 15- 30 minutes. In 1960 I moved to Edithvale and when the wind hammered onshore we  would surf the shore break.

In 1961-2 A good mate Barry got his license and we were able to get down to the East Coast and started surfing all of the spots the coast had to offer, there were no made roads into now popular surf breaks  and quite a bit of bush bashing was required to get into some spots. 

We began to surf “Suicide Point” at Pt Leo quite a bit and started to meet up and surf with the same guys all of the time. This core group of surfers was the “Suicide Savages Surf Club” 

This club later morphed into the East Coast Board Club to begin competing in Australian Surf Association events. 

We were a pretty rowdy group of surfers who surfed and opened up the Peninsula to what is now a very popular surfers destination. 

So many good memories tied up in a single pice of clothing.

Terry Jackson 


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