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This series is simply a portrait of a person with an item that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

me and my portrait project
Terry Mulcahy with his Cricket Balls

Terry Mulcahy and Cricket Balls

Me and My Cricket Balls

My dad was a very good cricketer (fast bowler).

Whilst playing for the Preston Soccer Club in the Jika League in 1942 he took a hat trick. The ball was mounted and took pride of place on the mantlepiece in the lounge room at our home when I was growing up.

In 1961 I commenced playing cricket with Boronia in the Under Sixteens and in my first competitive match I also took a hat trick, unfortunately my dad missed it as he was off having a haircut!

Our coach at the time was a Boronia legend named Bluey Paxton and as we left the ground after the innings finished he pressed a 10 shilling note into my hand. Ten bob was big money in 1961 and I kept that note until it went missing in a house shift some 12 years ago. These two trophies still take pride of place in my home and they remind me daily of my Dad and the joys I had playing cricket.

Terry Mulcahy


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