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Me and My…

This series is simply a portrait of a person with an item that is special to them. -Daryl Gordon   

me and my portrait project
Tim Stout and his Guitar

Tim Stout with his Guitar

Me and my music, I couldn’t decide whether to have drumsticks or guitar for this photoshoot, to me they’re all the same, it’s my music .The music that’s in my head.

Guitar and drums are the conduits I use to get it out of my head and out into the world to share with people, sometimes just to let me sleep, because tunes running through my head keep me awake.

Sometimes songs come fully formed to me, I wake up at 4 in the morning and I have to write them down so I don’t lose the idea.

This guitar is also a gift from the people that I shared my music with during lockdown and is very special to me .

Me and My Guitar, my music, are good for my soul , Peace….

Tim Stout


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