Weekly Portrait Series

Weekly Portrait

I’m often asked what is my favourite type of photography, I always answer that it’s portrait photography, so this page is for me to celebrate my passion of portrait photography I’ll endeavour to get up a fresh portrait each week, if not please excuse me when I post up a favourite from the archive  -Daryl Gordon   

Professional Photography on the Mornington Peninsula
Frankston 22nd of February 2020 @11:22:41 am

This Image is from the archive, I’ve got a couple of fresh portraits in the wings just waiting to make sure the folks involved are happy to be published.
This is from a little spur of the moment shoot in frankston, I was still working for the local paper back then, I had some time between jobs and set my camera up on a tripod and very obviously photographed people walking down a connecting street from frankston train station to the shops. 
Some chose to walk behind me most didn’t it was a interesting little experiment the whole series can be found HEREDaryl Gordon


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