Eric Kowalewski

Eric Kowalewski

Eric and I have been friends for years now, I first met Eric when he turned a run down milk bar in Balnarring into an awesome cafe, the type of place that you go to as a destination. Eric is an American. Script writer. Story Teller. Cafe owner. Burger maker. Fine coffee purveyor. Dad.Opinionated.

He is currently operating The Bittern Food Shop, Once again it’s a destination place, fine american style food and great coffee

This is possibly, (no definitely) my most self indulgent project. I have to thank Eric for putting up with me. Once a week I go and indulge in a coffee in the atmosphere rich environment, I take great joy in checking out for an hour or so, by simply reading some of the books laying around on the table, or watching customers come and go and just generally chewing the fat with the main man, and during that time he will allow me to intrude into his life and take a photo of him.

Behold Eric Kowalewski

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Eric 26th Dec 2017
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