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This Weeks Featured Skater: Stewart MacGowan

I’ve known Stewart for a couple of years now. I’d like to think I am one of the middle ages guys he talks about below, however I know better than to think that I could have inspired or motivated anybody!! When Stewart isn’t skating he’s likely to be running he just ran in the city to surf yesterday, he currently hold the record for most amount of laps around Balnarring bowl in one run! he also has a love for DJ-ing.

Stewart thanks for your time

Q:How old are you?


Q:How long have you been skating for?

A:I pushed around on a board when I was 9-10ish, but have been really skating for about 2 years

Q:where did you first start skating?

A:Elsternwick Bowls and St Kilda

Q:Who has or was the biggest influence on you?

A:Seeing a bunch  of middle age guys skating balnarring a few years ago got me on a board, so they must have been pretty influential, Anyone I end up skating with who’s friendly, engaged and having ago keeps it fun. Skaters I like to watch are ones who goes hard, fast and have style. Peter Hewitt, John Cardial, Tony Trujillo. AVE(Anthony Van Engelen)

Q:Where’s your favourite spot to skate?

A:Balnarring being my local, St Kilda due to having so many options for lines. I also got the chance to ride the Bowl Riders Frankston DIY Bowl a few times and that was awesome.

Q:Any epic session stories to share?

A:Any open ended session that is not constrained by having to be somewhere or do something is pretty good in my books 

Q: Rules to live and skate by?

A:Have a go and get out of your comfort zone. You never know, you might like.

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Stewart MacGowan
Family Photographer mornington peninsula 569
Stewart MacGowan
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Stewart MacGowan
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Stewart MacGowan

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